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Out of Hours Typing Ltd. is a company based in Somerset offering digital dictation transcription and other services. Work received by 9 p.m. is returned to you via email by 12 noon the next working day. We also work weekends at no extra cost.

We aim to offer a world-class service - accuracy is at 99% - testimonials are available on request.

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Telephone 01823 662814

Our Service

Primarily digital dictation transcription

Typing backlogs will be a thing of the past! No reliance on permanent in-house staff and all the potential problems that entails! Staff overheads are dramatically reduced, if not eliminated!

Additional Services

For surveyor clients we are fully accustomed to using the RICS iSurv program and are also able to use an independent program such as that produced by Andrew Dyke Associates (HomeReporter). We are fully conversant with surveying terminology and a wide variety of building survey Word templates/formats. 

Equipment and How To

We have road-tested the Olympus VN-8500PC (about 45 on Amazon) and can confirm it is very user friendly with excellent sound quality. Almost any digital recorder will be fit for purpose and there is no need to spend a huge amount of money. You just need to ensure that the recorder is able to upload the audio files to your computer or be capable of attaching those files to an email!

If you already have digital dictation you can email the voice files to us as ordinary Outlook email attachments. We download the files, transcribe them and return the typed work to you the next day. Your files are guaranteed to be completed as quickly as possible.

If you need to send us voluminous audio files, please let us know and a Dropbox upload facility can be organised at no cost to yourself. You are welcome to attempt to send a very large attachment on the ordinary email system as a first step - success or not will depend on the size of your mailbox capability.


No contract, no VAT, no problem. We have a proven track record. We can offer VERY competitive rates per audio minute. 1-2-1 interviews will be a little more. Regrettably we don’t accept more than two speakers (i.e. no groups). Badly dictated work will attract a premium which is standard throughout the transcription industry because of the extra time and stress upon the typists.

Quality Control

We aim for the high possible standard.

Sister Company

CEO June Dunnett of Out of Hours Typing also runs sister company Quantocius Ltd

Contact Us

Telephone 01823 662814

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