About Us

Hello, I’m June Dunnett and welcome to my website.

After many years of secretarial work I decided to set up my own transcription company in 2006. My last external job before that was working for one of the big transcription companies here in the UK and I was seriously unimpressed with how they treated their clients. The industry standard is a 24 hour turnaround time; urgent jobs are charged at a massive premium. Therefore, I decided my company would do things differently. Each job received is completed on a “as soon as possible” basis at no extra charge. If an assignment cannot be completed quickly, I email the client to give an estimated time-frame so they are kept appraised of the situation. I have a team of excellent sub-contract typists who have all been “road-tested” to ensure they produce work of a high standard. All my typists have wide-ranging secretarial backgrounds and they are very experienced. A lot of typists think they can work remotely just because they can actually type – it’s not as simple as that! Apart from having a fast typing speed, it is essential to have an “understanding” of what they are listening to – it sounds obvious but it is actually very skilled. A lot of typists apply for jobs with my company only to realise that their comprehension skills are not that great! Therefore, I can confidently say that my team is of the highest quality.

Please contact me if we can help you with your typing requirements. The range of services we offer includes:

  • Audio transcription (digital dictation) e.g. surveyors/lawyers/medical
  • Homebuyer Reports for surveyors (e.g. RICS SurveyWriter or similar)
  • Copy typing
  • Interview transcription but only 1-2-1 files of reasonable quality please.

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16 Nov 2018