Send Us Files

To send us audio files for transcription please use the form below to send your files to us.

Guidance Notes:

  • Enter your email address in the first box so that SendThisFile can notify you when we have downloaded the file you have sent.

  • Enter a message in the next box if you wish to.

  • To select a file on your computer to send us click on a Browse button and select the file you wish to send from your computer.

  • When you have selected the file you wish to send please click on Open button.

  • If necessary repeat this action for a maximum of 5 files. Please note that you can only send individual files, not folders containing files.

  • When you have selected all the files you wish to send please click the SendThisFile button to start sending the files to us.

  • When you send more than one file, you will see that the broken blue line changes colour as the transmission progresses.

  • When complete you will see a message on the screen saying File successfully uploaded by: [your email address] File: [filename] Size: [size of file]

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16 Nov 2018